Homemade Goodness

We love to eat great food, make great food and share great food. When we put that passion into opening Crumb, we needed to change a few things about the experience of grabbing a quick sandwich, salad or bowl of soup – starting with rockstar recipes made fresh daily.

We cook from scratch using only REAL food, free of chemicals, fillers, and binding agents. We hand-trim our meats before grilling and roasting them. We construct our soups and layer our salads with fresh ingredients we chop, slice, rinse and cook that morning. Sure the ingredients cost more and the process takes longer, but we believe the end result is worth it.

We also believe that just because our food is made fast, the environment shouldn’t feel like a fast food joint. We want you to sit back, enjoy your meal, listen to great music, and use our free wifi. You’re our guest and we pride ourselves on delivering an excellent experience for every customer, every time. In doing so, we unconditionally guarantee nothing less than great-tasting, homemade goodness.